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26" semis?

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tuckin22   +1y
Hey lock is this true?
do you happen to know?
i have seen it on a couple websites but no details.
just curious.

baggeddogs avatar
baggeddogs   +1y
its true and thats not the only size coming.....
liljlowrider avatar
liljlowrider   +1y
yep its true... know a couple of peeps that got the on ORDER already....
reyna bros avatar
reyna bros   +1y
Looks like I will be re doing the ole dually....
lockone avatar
lockone   +1y
I have seen them in 26s and have been looking at getting them built for a year or so. Don't know who is carrying them now but I would guess AF or Diesel wheels.

They were supposed to be available in December from the overseas manufacturers but haven't seen any in the states yet.
wide load c-30 avatar
wide load c-30   +1y
Any pics?
conundrum avatar
conundrum   +1y

tuckin22 avatar
tuckin22   +1y
dang that is crazy i lilj as soon as your buddies get them get some pics.

and what other sizes are coming?
lockone avatar
lockone   +1y
The ones I seen looked just like a normal Classic style wheel. The guy who showed them to me at SEMA could barely speak English and I understood 26 and 28 but that was about it.

I cant remember if I took any pics of them or not.
someotherguy avatar
someotherguy   +1y
Dunno man...for slammed dually's, I can't imagine going bigger than 24". They already look a little big to me but the look works. 26" 28" sounds dangerously into DONK category. All you slammed guys are gonna start throwing on lift kits and painting Chester Cheetah on the side of your truck.

The brotha in the back seat is pouring a little cheeto out for his dead homey's

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