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Newest Addition to the Fleet...

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lockone   +1y

huskerdually   +1y
You suck. Since you probably need the room maybe you should give me your old black truck.

What are the plans for this one?
jcampbell1180   +1y
Hit me up if you want some Semi's...I know a guy.
lockone   +1y
I wish it were mine but it is a customers that I get to babysit for 2 months or so.

It is getting 24s with a mild airride system.
rnonelower   +1y
make sure we get some pics with the wheels and air ride Bro
giovanni   +1y
Wow must be nice just to see it parked out side ~!
low95xlt   +1y
looks good man
2bseen   +1y
Did you ever get this truck done. I would like to see pics. Its almost exact to my truck.
lockone   +1y

Customer decided against the bags at the last moment. This picture is with the DJM 6/8 drop. He is coming back at the end of this week for some wheels. He cant decide between 22s or 24s.

Here was my suggestion on the wheels.

More pictures of the installation can be seen here:
giovanni   +1y
Hey lock u mind measuring that bed on that dually for me??