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19.5 Overstock Prices + FREE SHIPPING!!!

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lockone   +1y
Got 1 set of 19.5 Direct Bolt on wheels for sale. These were left over from the last sale I had and they need to find a new home before we put them on one of our rides. I have everything to put them on any Chevy or GMC product. If you want them for anything else either a Dodge or 98- down Fords there will be and extra charge for the proper lugnuts.

We have 3 different packages for these wheels and the prices are as follows:

Package #1: 19.5 with Rickson steel inner 19.5s, caps, and lugs. $1650 FREE SHIPPING!

Package #1.5: 19.5 with caps, and lugs. $1100 FREE SHIPPING!

Package #2: 19s with caps, and lugs. $1500 FREE SHIPPING!
jcampbell1180   +1y
Man, I really want those.
lockone   +1y
Send some cash my way and they will be yours...
calfboy   +1y
Does anyone have a pic of their truck with 19.5's on it? Also what kinda load rating on a tire can you get for these wheels?
lockone   +1y
Here is a pic of a 2004 GMC 3500 with 225/70/19.5 tires.

Here is also another pic with milled 19s on it.

As for load rating with the 19.5 you can get up to a 16 ply tire which is around 4600lbs per tire. With the milled 19 you will only get a load rating in the area of 2000lbs per wheel.
calfboy   +1y
Hey appreciate that. Is the lowered truck bagged or is it static? What size a tire on the lowered truck?
ybnrmaldually   +1y
I am working on a dually right now that has 19.5 on it that is in the shop getting bagged. I like them because they are straight bolt on rims. I like the 225/70/19.5 because it going to be great have a tire on it that want have to replace a long time.
calfboy   +1y
u got any pics of it? mocked up or anything?
someotherguy   +1y

Just be sure to buy a good brand and model of tire. There's some cheap 19.5's out there that aren't worth buying at any price. One name I have experience with is Aurora, boss cheaped out and put some of that chinese shit on my wrecker and they wore down crazy fast, and were impossible to balance. Ya ya I sound like a broken record but seriously, avoid the cheap ones.

As far as load ratings Trevor's got you hooked up with the #'s but just FYI generally in a 225/70/19.5 you can get load range F tires, in 245/70/19.5 you can get load range G, baby! Makes the D's and E's in the 16" world look like passenger car tires...

lockone   +1y
The orange and white truck is Erock805's on here, at least I think he still owns it. I believe it has 245/40/19s on it.

As for a 19.5 lasting forever that is not always true, as Someotherguy mentioned. We had a F450 with 19.5s on it with Kumho 225/70/19.5 on it and they only got around 65k and then had some Michelin's on it and they lasted about the same.