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Help us solve an office debate

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Truckin Max avatar
Truckin Max   +1y
Would you eat the fries that happen to find their way onto the tray? There are a few squares in the office here who will only eat the ones on the 'sanitary' paper tray liner. What would you do?
Lucky avatar
Lucky   +1y
anything solid with no liquid on it is open game. If that fry has ketchup on it and it falls onto anything its down for the count.....5 second rule applies to ground claims .....

FXDGRND avatar
Tray is tray. Paper or not.
kaoss avatar
kaoss   +1y
I'd hit it.
n2bnlow avatar
n2bnlow   +1y
I once saw a nasty, filth covered child sitting with his stupid parents, licking the tray. No paper. No tray for me. Thanks.

gimp5561 avatar
gimp5561   +1y
if they was from in-n-out HELL YA
if they was from burger king no
Truckin Max avatar
Truckin Max   +1y
My argument was that you carry then tray to the table, sit down, and eat your burger and fries. You have now touched the tray, which has touched several other surfaces, the table top, which has been wiped with the same dirty rag that was used to wipe the tray down before the "sanitary" paper was put down, possibly touched the seat and then eat your fries. So it doesn't matter what the fry touches, your hands are filthier than the stupid tray the the fry has touched.
simple-pleasurez avatar
simple-pleasurez   +1y
the paper can be just as filthy as anything. paper is absorbant. so the funk will go thru that paper. and whos to say the paper is clean...

i used to work fast food. we always washed trays before reuse. and since they have odd ridges the soap would foam like a mofo in them and you would have to rinse them really decent.

the world is a bunch of pussies now. what happen to kids eating dirt.....
driptruck avatar
driptruck   +1y
I'd hit it too!
your prob. eatn worse and dont even know it f#*k it haha