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KIK @ West Coast Nationals

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KiK   +1y
We've just decided to attend West Coast Nationals.  If you would like to place a custom order with us for t-shirts or hats (including club gear) by Sunday night, we can bring it to WCN and save you the shipping charges. -Trae
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bagtodrag   +1y
I'd like to place an order for a ride out to WCN
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iDragUnibody   +1y
Edited: 9/18/2009 5:42:32 PM by iDragUnibody

whats up trae, its jeremy with the bagged 300 from gulf coast bash....   PS. we still need to go Kick Scooters Azz in
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projekt94   +1y

sweet!!! wat time yall rolling out trae??
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tealchevy   +1y
they will need 6 days to do the driving....lil trae can only make it 4 hours before he has to stop for sleep
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projekt94   +1y

hahaha must be the old age!!!!
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KiK   +1y
We are rolling out from Lumberton at about 5pm on Wednesday.  We will meet up with Seth, Shaw and all the Louisiana boys sometime Thursday morning.  We should be there by Friday morning to start the drinking extravaganza. -Trae
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projekt94   +1y

word!! we be rollin out wed morning!! see yall there!!
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KiK   +1y
Just found out that one of the original founders of KIK (Crash, aka Andy) is coming out of his tattoo cave and making the trip with us.  Very stoked! -Trae
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btk ridez   +1y

well trae i be going to wcn too.. hit me up i will be rolling alone from mcallen tx. see if i can meet you all up on i 10. txt me 956 624 8737  so i can get more info