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Was it worth it?

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22below   +1y
My first truck project started almost 10 years ago, my Ford Ranger "22below". Then my most recent project was started going on 4 years ago my Ford Excursion " Bigg Brown".
22below   +1y
Now my Excursion is nearing completion, it has paint on it! I know, crazy to get to the paint process, exciting even.
22below   +1y
Now this question is for all those who have completed a project and had it featured or put on the cover of a magazine. " Was it worth it?"
22below   +1y
Did all your hopes and dreams come true? Along with all the best of show awards or top whatever trophies. Did it make you feel whole or accomplished?
22below   +1y
These are the questions I have been asking myself for the past 5 years, will it be worth it and will it bring a sense of happiness and completion to a long journey?
The major   +1y
I've been wondering the same thing as I'm second knuckle deep into my rebuild.
baha   +1y
I think about that too. Lately it seems I just fix things on my house, and work. I think about paying someone to finish my projects but that takes the fun out of it.
jeebus @ mmw   +1y
Do people still build something with the hopes of getting a magazine feature? That may be the problem right there...

If your building something for the hopes of a magazine feature, and wondering if it will be worth it, then the chances are it probably wont be worth it in the long run, its just a magazine. It gives you nothing in the long run besides a 3$ book of pictures glued together, and to spend 30, 40, 50k on a truck, with your only hopes being someday it will be in a magazine, then your going to be let down.

For me personally, i build something because i enjoy building stuff, and i really enjoy driving. Ive never had any of my personal trucks in a magazine, and have turned down a couple feature offers in the past. I do not attend shows, and if i do, i will not enter my truck into the show. I enjoy the drive to the show, far far more than i enjoy the show. I enjoy loading up friends and family into my truck, or past trucks and cruising for a weekend around the state, listening to good music, and meeting random people.
22below   +1y
Well said^ I enjoy driving a custom truck a lot, so in that sense it will always be worth it in that way. But the finishing touches like paint do cost a LOT, so I understand why people cruise around in primer for a long time. So I guess I just wonder if getting a feature helps validate your build???? That's another way to phrase the question
jeebus @ mmw   +1y
I just dont think it does. Especially since magazines are just dead really. 10 Years ago, my answer may have been different, and i was proud of any magazine coverage that any of my vehicles got, finished or under construction. Now, There is nothing i could care less about, when it comes to my personal vehicles.

I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that magazines are not what they used to be, and my life is nothing like i used to be 10 years ago. Im working on a truck right now, just wrote the check for full paint, 26s and a full interior, and it will never see a show entry with me being the owner...

My wife validates my build. If she asks to drive it to work then its complete.