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asasyn   +1y
I ordered intros 10 weeks ago and still haven't got anything!!! Does anyone know how long it normally takes?! Contemplating canceling!!!!!
bdydrppup   +1y
I've heard the wait can be lengthy but worth it
jasondragthatshit   +1y
It took me 6 months to get my Bonspeeds I thought the wait was a little much.
asasyn   +1y
Yeah if I don't hear anything by this weekend I'm canceling and getting racelines!!!!
dropstar   +1y
i ordered my racelines in February.. ive had to send them back 3 times and good luck trying to get them to return any calls or texts.
Rob Clayhill   +1y
I got mine in less than a month from ordering them and the next day my brother ordered a set of BAD's that took over 4 months with almost NO communication.
Intro told me back when i got mine that alot of wheel companies were having a hard time getting the hoops since most every rim shop including factory wheels are going through the same companies that produces them and were going through a shortage but this was probably 2 years ago so im not sure whats up now... when i bought mine I had no issues getting ahold of them.
asasyn   +1y
Idk I may just cancel... I ordered through a place called Rio sound and custom wheels in south Texas maybe I should have gone straight from intro?
Rob Clayhill   +1y
Have you called Intro directly? Thats where i'd start...
jasondragthatshit   +1y
I had to call Bonspeed directly thats how I finally got my wheels. Once I made the phone call was less than 7 days I had my wheels somthing about saying you want to cancel your order that makes things happen.
kingpin7714   +1y
yea, I dealt with bonspeed directly and got them in about 6 weeks. I think dealing with wheel companies directly is the only way to go!