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New Addition to the Family

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lockone   +1y
Tire size is a 215/60/16 Yokohama Avid Touring ($87ea)...I only know this because I put him 2 new ones on the front....

I think he has around 9800-10k in it after he pays me for all of the extra stuff he is adding.
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frito   +1y
the white truck is mine 85k miles and it is 4sale or trade.reg cad 99 up chevy or tahoe.13k
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lockone   +1y
Frito that is hilarious...
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biggboy   +1y

nice..teenager uhh..the best times of my life..16 ohh yea....thanx lock now i feel real young again...i know il'e get older one day...22 maybe 24 i dont know..
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okcderek   +1y
I wure could use that front end on my truck... thats a clean truck ya got there!!
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low95xlt   +1y
looks good man, you gotta grow up sometime so hurry uip
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lockone   +1y
OKC, I got an extra Caddy clip lying around if you want it...
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okcderek   +1y
What the price for that clip, Lock?
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pig rig   +1y
so lock if biggboy sells that truck dose that mean you get to change your underwear
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lockone   +1y
OKC, I can probably get it freight to your door for around 1200 or so. Comes with all of the aftermarket cyrstal clear headlights and corners.

No Pig I have already changed my underwear for the month...