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New Wheels

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dailydraggin   +1y
These are my new wheels 22in classic round big hole just got them last friday next on list is to get it on the ground Later Greg

baha avatar
baha   +1y
nice wheels man! what part of ga are you from?
lockone avatar
lockone   +1y
looks good.
low95xlt avatar
low95xlt   +1y
yea looks damn fine, jsut get here tuckin a little more
dailydraggin avatar
dailydraggin   +1y
I'll Have it on the ground soon in the process of bagging it stay tuned
outlawcrewcab avatar
outlawcrewcab   +1y
looks good!!!!
dragnasty avatar
dragnasty   +1y
looks awsome Greg! Never knew you were into the "heavy haulers"!
outsiderz1 avatar
outsiderz1   +1y
looks sweet!!!
low95xlt avatar
low95xlt   +1y
shoot up some pics while at it
jasonz avatar
jasonz   +1y
Where'd you get the wheels and adapters and how much did they set you back? They look awesome.