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where is everyone?

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stroker52   +1y
This site was jumping before.. where is everyone?
big bear avatar
big bear   +1y
Its hit and most sites.but we're more badass due to the dually aspect lol
rick ross avatar
rick ross   +1y
Out driving thier trucks. hahahahahaha
stroker52 avatar
stroker52   +1y

hahaha true.. i just need to find out where most that are in my area are driving them to lol..
someotherguy avatar
someotherguy   +1y
I drive mine down about 2 miles from the house, then walk back for the wrecker so I can tow it home.

stroker52 avatar
stroker52   +1y
hahaha that funny.. well look at the bright side of it, you can drive yours..
bagged dually avatar
bagged dually   +1y

What he said.

I wish my truck was back together and on the road right now.
stroker52 avatar
stroker52   +1y
hell im still lookinf for one that people dont want your first born for... ive been looking for 3 weeks now, ive found what im looking for but cant get anyone to call me back..
luv2xclr8 avatar
luv2xclr8   +1y

LOL, Sold mine, and looking at another Tomorrow
bigcat avatar
bigcat   +1y
@stroker, What are you looking for?