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North East \  Any upstate NYers? (Syracuse and north!)

Any upstate NYers? (Syracuse and north!)

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bouoy   +1y
up around middletown area, I have yet to see a lowered truck in this area.
drptnchpt   +1y
Im right between rochester and buffalo,!/event.php?eid=134406029964920. We got something going on!
AFTBigRob   +1y
I'm from Seneca Falls, but stationed in Ft Hood....
Glad to see upstate guys on here, I'll be moving back to my home town Williamson here in the next year hopefully. Parents moved us kids down to Arizona back in 92. I'm tired of the heat and hometown perfect place to raise my family.
bouoy   +1y
Sam at Crown City Customs shut down his shop I'm friends with him we talked about doing a joint venture but with both of out health issues and how far apart we are it's kinda hit or miss.
minitrucker69   +1y
Ok I just moved to Albany Area of NY where are the people at???
The major   +1y
Im from Auburn NY which is a good distance from you but I know there is a club named made 2 envy in the Kingston area that hosted a decent show called envy frenzy. I think the show was cancelled this year, but mini truckers do exist in that part of the state.
bouoy   +1y
I would not mind finding some local people or hell I will drive up to kingston once in a blue moon to hang out with some people.. this area is dry.