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anyone ever seen such a thing??

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liljlowrider   +1y
aight me and steve (burntup) got into a little discussion this weekend at LTF with a guy about a f-350 dually.

HE said that there is a guy in Lafeyette that owns a f-350 bodydropped on 30's yea i said 30's.. we argured and basically called him a dumbass. he tried to tell us that Jessie James built the wheels for him and that the truck was on the cover of truckin about two years ago. We called bullshit but he wasnt budgin on what the thinks he saw. he even tried to take me and steve to where the truck was located LOL. so if anyone has seen such truck can you please find the mag or just a pic of it so i can call and apolgize to a young mini trucker that knows way more about duallies than i do.
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lockone   +1y
Only truck I have seen that Jesse James has made the wheels for was at SEMA about 3 years ago and they were 24s with Maltese Cross designs in them and it was a "murdered out" F350.
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low95xlt   +1y
have never in my life seen a bodydrop one 30's dually... i believe at ITB this year the was a bagged ram on 30's but not bodydropped
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johnboyon20s   +1y
maybe he meant 30 inch tires
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baha   +1y
^^yeah that's what I was thinking, he may not have realized it's not like 4x4s when they say 30s they mean tires.
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okcderek   +1y
thread post photo

thread post photo

thread post photo
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idropdit (brandon)   +1y
you talking about the red ram that won best engineering? it was on 26"s.. but now that i think about it.. it was bodydropped.
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liljlowrider   +1y
he said it was a yellow crewcab f 350 dually. ..

those wheels on that f 350 wernt made by jessie james those are alcoas with his logo cut into it which anyone can do.

oh and he told us they were 30 inch direct bolt 8 lug wheels...

if you think about it its not even possible to put a 30 and bodydrop a dually there isnt enough room under the hood or under the rear fenders.
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baggeddogs   +1y

Ekstensive cut those for that truck.....
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d.fens   +1y

Even if they would / could be made to fit the truck, the tires are only about $2500 each. Think Pirelli is the only company making them, in one size, 315/30-30.

The wheel game went from Balla to Stoopid with the quickness. Used to think 24's would be as big as anybody would ever need. I bet we'll see 36's or 48's in a year or two.