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bdydrped   +1y
any of you guys be interested in putting HIDs in your trucks?

been talkin to a guy here locally that can get replacement bulbs/ with a ballast that just plug into the factory harness and into the factory light hole for 150 bucks a set.

im puttin a set in my tahoe while i have the front end torn apart to see if it like em.... just wondering if you guys would be interested in them cuase i can get them and ship them to ya, or if any of you already had some and how you like them
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ec_dually   +1y
is it like a plug and play set up or is it just the bulbs like you get from pep boys.. is it the true blue ish headlights?
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bdydrped   +1y
been told its all plug and play,

"would take longer to take the grille off and put back on than to install the lights, its a ten min job"

and not the blue bulbs, they are the bright white kind
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twistedranger   +1y
I have HIDs in my F350, headlights and driving lights and love them. It is like night and day, mine are blue tinted and when you see it coming it looks like highbeams on, well worth the money.
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skidrow   +1y
ya dude reany eazy to install my 2 year old could do it
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greaser   +1y
Let me know how you like yours, I may be interested.
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souf star   +1y
hey jus a heads up you can get them on ebay for like 80bucks and you get to pick the bulb temps I got the 12000k in my truck (the pic does not do them justice)
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ec_dually   +1y
wont that burn thru the healight housing? cause i just got new clear headlights for my truck..
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liljlowrider   +1y
i would like some because at night sometimes i think my damn headlights arent even on.
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twistedranger   +1y
HIDs burn cooler then normal lights and use less power, that is why they have the ballast to boost the light, so they last like 10 times longer then stocks, you wont have any problems EC.