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pig rig   +1y
well I've done a very bad thing

I went and got a real job
I'm hanging iron on a school job mostly I'm the happy welder

burning 7/32 rod makes one big bead
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1low1ton   +1y
your right that sucks
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liljlowrider   +1y
if you hadnt bought all those dam wheels you wouldnt be broke and need a job
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huskerdually   +1y
Our little pig is all grown.
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jcampbell1180   +1y
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maz89   +1y
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jcampbell1180   +1y
Welcome back to being taxed...prison style.
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low95xlt   +1y
hahaha sucks to be you but then again your just joingin the masses of workin for the man
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pig rig   +1y
yea they didn't think it was to funny when I told them I was going to go haul a car for a guy

here's the best part is my phone is in my lunch pal and it rings constantly and the project super has to listen to it

here's my ring tone

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jcampbell1180   +1y

So what your saying is, I should make an honest effort to call you every 15 to 20 minutes today. the ringtone, but now I'll have the theme from Sanford and Son stuck in my head all day.

...wah, wah, whee, wah...wah, wah, whee, wah, wah, wah...