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Van Discussion \  Rear end on ASTRO/SAFARI?

Rear end on ASTRO/SAFARI?

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j-bird   +1y
What rear end did you put in?
Whats mods where done to make it fit?
Wicked Fantacies   +1y

I did a 4 link but ended up cutting quite a bit of the floor for the top bars.  A two link or watts link would problably be the best set up for the situation.
j-bird   +1y

Rear Axle i ment...sorry What rear's line up and are shorter?Slider issue!
marcus38   +1y
bird u got questions about an astro rear setup? let me know, i just shortened mine. and yes if u dont eliminate the slider track the rear wheels will be about 2 1/2 in less than the front. looks funny when aired up goin down the road. i gullwinged the slider to keep a door on the side.
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astrowoody75   +1y
i still need to narrow gonna do an inch on each side, and im gonna have some shorterupper and lower arms made so i can roll low.
astrowoody75   +1y
ive actually yhoght about using a rear end out of an s10 blazer theyre shorter and have disc brakes. 
j-bird   +1y
---------------------------------------------Originally posted by ASTROWOODYive actually yhoght about using a rear end out of an s10 blazer theyre shorter and have disc brakes. ---------------------------------------------Thats what i've gathered! What is the down fall of using the s10/blazer rear end?the plus i see is the disc brakes!     Marcus: how much did you shortin? what size wheels are you running?
astrowoody75   +1y
downfall? smaller lug pattern 
j-bird   +1y
---------------------------------------------Originally posted by ASTROWOODYdownfall? smaller lug pattern ---------------------------------------------That is true!   
okcderek   +1y
Edited: 8/15/2009 11:32:33 PM by Big Dee

Anyone tried using the hinges like they have on motorcoaches or Greyhound bus storage areas under the passenger seats to  replace the slide door track.??  They kind of go straight up, instead of pivoting out like gull-wing....not sure how much clearance you would get to get in and out of the van. A door that would swing like these..