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wiring a Line Out Converter

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matchead88   +1y

How about for a signal wire? would it be the white wire? you know like usually on aftermarket stereos its the blue wire.
draggin95niss   +1y

oh no u cant get switched ignition/accessory behind the radio u need to either go to the column or the fuse box under the hood....if u should decide to go to the column its gonna be a brown wire u want to tag.....there are a few brown wires there but they all function the same....they are the accessory will be fine for the remote turn-on for the amp....i use it all the time...just pull the lower dash and u can get to the wires from there,u will see the harness, there is a plug taped to it, then there are some wires u can see right behind it (leave those alone) then there are some wires that are encased in tape, this is th eharness u need, slice the tape open and tag the brown wire, like i said they all function on accessory, but test them with a volt meter (dont use a test light, it backfeeds ground and can/will damage shit if u probe the wrong wires with it)....good luck and have fun...
matchead88   +1y
justa want to thank everyone for the quick replies. got it wired up and it sounds GREAT! now my dad wants me to do it in his 08'
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draggin95niss   +1y

no problem...any more questions just post up....