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NR-Shaw   +1y

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NR-Shaw   +1y

post photo
post photo
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societyoutkast   +1y

thats sik ass hell man 
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smctoy   +1y

wow...very nice!
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CCtuckinlexaniz   +1y

wow thats sick. keep'em on two man!
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92LOWYOTA   +1y

sick bro!!!
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Flossin22s   +1y

badass bike man

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NR-Shaw   +1y

thanks everyone!
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redspowerjams   +1y

I don't like it... ok, i can't lie. it's bad ass. come on, you cant just leave us with "i got a new bike"  S&S motor? what size? what year? i want the lodown bro...
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KiK   +1y
I'm gonna have to buy one now so I can ride with you and Seth, damn you!  I told Kris "no more toys til the new shop is finished".   If ya'll promise not to go over 40mph I can take the Ruckus, lol. -Trae