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can i rant for a min ?

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maz89   +1y

LMAO! Down like a flat tire Campy!!
low95xlt avatar
low95xlt   +1y
if they got good fires i am there man i am a fry man myself
lockone avatar
lockone   +1y
Dub-Dubs and aminal style friz-eyes....Fo Shizle.
b dime avatar
b dime   +1y
lol, post up a question and it gets answered...well, worked for me.

Wendys' fries are the shizzle
liljlowrider avatar
liljlowrider   +1y
mcdonalds has the best fries

and its ok man youll be welcomed on this site ... like lock said enjoy you stay on DS
pig rig avatar
pig rig   +1y
mmmm in-n-out I always stop in redding on my way down to stop and have a burg

we have something thats close to an in-n-out its called dicks drive in

I'm thinking I need to make a trip to redding leave here around 6 AM be in salem OR. for lunch at carls JR. and in redding for dinner at in-n-out and be back home before any one knows I was gone
mark avatar
mark   +1y
Mcdonalds fries skraight up.

Double Double Cheeseburg? I've gotta get me one of those suckers, make it double.
gen x towpig avatar
gen x towpig   +1y
i wonder if i could get one of those burgers overnighted here to the dirty south.
pig rig avatar
pig rig   +1y
in-n-out burgs are still just as good the next day

one time I bought like $50 worth and brought them home for a couple of buddys they were in the cooler for two days
liljlowrider avatar
liljlowrider   +1y

im sure someone would send it to you but it might not be as good.. i say we just go there and try one