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do i need a capacitor?

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msturg   +1y
I would just sell it honestly and put the money towards something more useful.  The cap is only going to help in bursts, IMO if you are riding around town blaring music it is only going to harm your system, it is one more thing to drain down your battery.  If you had a large cap that could truly keep up then maybe go for it, but at that time I would just suggest another battery.  If you are having dimming issues, I would look into upgrading all of your grounds.   I'd look at it this way, how many full competition guys do you see running capacitors?  Those guys only go in bursts even, I'd say a majority of them only run multiple batteries and alternators, no caps
crzyone1013   +1y

well, everybody here is right. your stock alternator is only built to power your car and all of its original accessories at once while keeping the battery cahrged. you have added an extra accessory (your system) so now you alternator cannot keep up with the new strain so the battery will have to take up the slack so your alternator will constantly be under strain because the battery will be draining and the alternator won't be able to keep up with charging and running the car so your electrical system will suffer (dimming) I am no pro but I have been doing this for a while and know a few things about it and I learn more every day. If you have the cap, then use it, even though they don't really help. ever heard the saying "putting a band-aid on a busted artery"? your cap is the band-aid. upgrading your battery will help and a bigger alternator will also help but unless you are going crazy and going bigger on your system a battery upgrade should suffice along with the correct awg wire for the drain. In my truck I went from my stock 50amp alternator to a 170amp alternator and I have added a kinetik hc2400 and I also have an optima red top just to run the truck. I haven't seen my lights dim since and I am running a kicker 2500.1, kicker 700.5, and hids. just try not to be too hard on your car.
unhallowed1   +1y

should i just go with a smaller amp that puts out a little less if i didn't wanna upgrade the stock charging system? its my daily driver and i'm not ready to dump alot of money into it but i like my stereo to have a little bump to it.
msturg   +1y
Is your truck dieing from the current draw?  Can you just put up with the lights dimming?  I would honestly suggest just a nicer amp, something that doesn't suck current and throw out dirty power, but I understand if money is tight.
Layumon22s   +1y
Given that fact that it's a 92 honda, you could probably use a new alternator anyway. So downsizing the system will help, but for what you'll spend in new equipment, you could just keep what you have and spend the money updating the electrical system, which probably needs to be done anyway given the car is 15+ years old. It's not a complicated process, if you have the skills to safely hook up a system then you should be able to handle adding a new battery and putting on a new alternator and upgrading a few wires.
unhallowed1   +1y

i understand the need to update my electrical system because of the car's age and putting a system in it would draw alot on the old system. all i'm really lookin for is a little more bump to my current setup, which is nothing but a low end sony head unit and 6.5's.  right now i'm not wanting to go all out and purchase a battery jus for the system and updating the alternator. i'll probably go with a lower wattage amp for now, one that only puts out about 100-150rms to each sub. i'm not really downsizing the system because i've got 2 10s and no amp at the moment but i didn't want to get a high wattage amp and leave my car dead somewhere. i appreciate all of the help that i've got outta this thread.