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how to wire my subs to my amp

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simple-pleasurez   +1y
aight. i am about to pick up 2 dual voice 8's. i will be running the 2 dual voice coil 8s and 2 single voice coil 10s.... how do i wire them all to my amp? my amp can handle 2ohm i believe. its a 2 channel amp... diagrams would be best.. thanks in advance!
lobdyblazr   +1y
honestly..the 10s may be counter productive with one amp. BUT to help you we need to know the resistance of each voicecoil. What is the OHM of each?
simple-pleasurez   +1y
they are re audio 8's... lemme see what i can find out. its going to be powered by a 800a2 fosgate amp
lobdyblazr   +1y
yeah..If they are RE, I am pretty sure you would be better off with JUST the 8s and a real good box. Those are top quality subs.
toadfrog17   +1y
Edited: 11/4/2008 11:11:29 PM by toadfrog17

With that amp and the 2 re8's you have 3 choices:This way you can hook it up to one channel and get 200watts split between 2 subs. You can also hook it up this way bridged and get 800watts split between 2 subs that have a Thermal Power Handling -Pe: 175 Watts

And 3rd you have 1 sub on each channel which gives you 400watts per sub that can only handle 175watts. (Which is the same result of bridging the amp)

toadfrog17   +1y
Edited: 11/4/2008 11:32:50 PM by toadfrog17

If you bridge the amp you need to set your speaker outputs to 56.6vAC. If you use the 2ohm or 4ohm you need your voltage to be 28.3vAC on the speaker outputs
CluCool   +1y
How do you adjust the speaker output vAC ?
simple-pleasurez   +1y
Originally posted by CluCool

How do you adjust the speaker output vAC ?

X2.. yeah how would i go about doing that
IB2LOUD   +1y
definitely ditch the 10s or get them on their own amp, they'll just hurt your sound
djdcb3man2001   +1y
u use a multi metr tomeasure the voltage coming out of the amp adjust with the gain