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Old Painted/Window club logos

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KEG Media   +1y
Let's see some pics of old school painted or large club logos on back windows. One i really want to see is an old Subtle Concepts logo. I use to love that logo!
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98L150   +1y
me and a few friends still have our painted back windows from Trendsetter Minis from here in Houston from back inthe day late 80's early 90's. Windows were all painted by Pat Maxwell. I will hve to get some pics l8r this week when I goto my storage and post some pics.

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sonikk71   +1y
Edited: 5/17/2008 1:35:00 AM by sonikk71

Painted in 1992!!! Still on the Dawg today.

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Matts Camaro

Josh's Civic

Anthony's E250 (still around)

Rick's Suburban

Andrew's Isuzu

Carl's SuperCrew

David's Taco (peeling in pics)

Craig at Air Syndicate did them all

Toyz R Us still does painted Windows/ Logos

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slamdtaco   +1y
I'll have some of our old ones tonight. got a box of old pics from our picnic over the weekend

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cheeks Sunset SD   +1y
here is just a few of ours there all painted" alt="JEW">
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Dejavu   +1y
man painted logos are so badass!! i think it should be a requirement of some sort hahah
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retro dime   +1y
I like painted logos so much more than just a sticker.

Im pretty sure Vertically Challenged SoCal is going to go with painted logos sometime soon. I dont know of any other VC guys who have painted logos though.