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Smallest 22" tyre?????

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WickedBird   +1y
Originally posted by NoRegretsNZ

Does anyone know the overall height of the 225/30/22?


NoRegretsNZ   +1y
OOOHHHHH that brings it so close but still abit too tall. The only other thing i could do is run some big camber so the top of the tyre lays over and away from the edge of the front guard and make the hood raise up about 1". Like a big cowl type of thing. I just really wanted to get them in there without having to do a cowl.
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We have an Izuzu in our club that's body-dropped and he's tuckin' 235/35/20's in front.

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ST LayDBurBan   +1y
I currently have 295/30/22 Hankooks i need to replace i have 22" boyd rallye wheels.. what other size can i use thats a lil bit smaller??

Thanks guys..
235/35-22 seems Hankook and Nexen make them.I had to look for the lowest profile 22" to fit the new Intros for the 61 impala. I swore Toyo made a 225/30-22 XL but the load ratings not enough with the one offered. Check out the deals going on.24" with tires mounted n balanced with lugs n locks$2000 over a dozen styles to chose from.Muggz.  PITSTOPWHEELS.COM 
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NR RailnPup   +1y

what body isuzu? im running 245/35/20 on a 20x9.5 rim on my 90 pup and im a 1" bd into my rocker so hit me up in a pm and ill see if i can help u out with your problem
vdubnguy63   +1y
The smallest 22" I've heard of is the 235/30, so I'm not really any help there, but I understand a 385/15 for supercar spec has been announced for the future, so give it some time? lol
ajcust   +1y
235/30/22 is 27.55