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Smallest 22" tyre?????

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NoRegretsNZ   +1y
Can anyone tell me what the smallest 22" tyre available is? Im considering running 22"s on an Isuzu and just want to see how far i can body drop it before the tops of the tyres start poking out.Not too worried about the rear but definatley dont want anything coming through the hood.
When I was at Drop Zone this year, I saw a tire that was a 225/25/22 or 225/30/22. I can't remember if it was a 25 or 30 seies tire, but I do remember that it was made by Toyo Tires and it was the smallest 22" tire I had ever seen.
They were on this truck...

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sublimity   +1y
i have a 255/30/22 on my stepside and its pretty damn small
thebagged1   +1y
i second that... got 255/30/22 on my crew cab... there deff smalll
idrgbdy   +1y
i third that. lol. i got 255/30/22 falkens on my sonoma. SMALL!
Layumon22s   +1y
225/30/22 has 2.7" of sidewall 235/30/22 has 2.8", 245/30/22 has 2.9", and a 255/30/22 has 3.0" the smallest i've seen is 225/30/22

Lockone   +1y
We stock the 235/30/22 (27.55") in the Toyo Proxes 4 and the 295/25/22 (27.80") in a Hankook K107. Those are the smallest we have in our warehouse.
NoRegretsNZ   +1y
Dang! The cab is actually already body dropped. Its about 1" into the rocker. I had plans to run 20"s all round but thought id try and see if i could stuff a 22" in there but it doesnt look as though im going to be able to damn it. I just went out and measured it and from the floor to the absolute highest point (before coming through the hood) ive only got 26.97". Just over 1/2" to low damn it. Does anyone know the overall height of the 225/30/22?
flameds10(tyler)   +1y
pretty sure there is a 25 series 22 tire, dosen't the DIB hardbody have 25 series tire on the back wheels???