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Audio/Video \  dynamat, hush mat, b quiet mat, any difference?

dynamat, hush mat, b quiet mat, any difference?

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granth   +1y
dynamat is worthless with all the other companies out now. as stated all these are decent quality products, but I would look more towards second skin, or cactus sounds for QUALITY deadener. if you want some good stuff at a good price, elemental designs has a few products from asphalt based, to a spray on application deadeners. Second Skin has this as well.
87Dragger   +1y
Hey Fatmat is great stuff and they say its goood for up to 250F. so if you double layer you should be good to go
allmuscle   +1y

Have you tried Koolmat? ---------------------------------------------Originally posted by jumbo72I'm just wondering if i will pay for a name. Is there any difference between them? Right now, the cab of my truck is Speedlined, it does pretty good for keeping the sound inside the cab, but i drove it 5 hours to Greenville last May with no carpet and it was hotter than shit. Do any of these mats have any heat shielding quality? I found the b quiet on ebay: It's a bit cheaper than Dynamat, i was just wondering what the best was. thanks in advance for the help.---------------------------------------------
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