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Audio/Video \  dynamat, hush mat, b quiet mat, any difference?

dynamat, hush mat, b quiet mat, any difference?

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jumbo   +1y
I'm just wondering if i will pay for a name. Is there any difference between them? Right now, the cab of my truck is Speedlined, it does pretty good for keeping the sound inside the cab, but i drove it 5 hours to Greenville last May with no carpet and it was hotter than shit. Do any of these mats have any heat shielding quality? I found the b quiet on ebay:

It's a bit cheaper than Dynamat, i was just wondering what the best was. thanks in advance for the help.
lowdyme   +1y
TwistedMinis   +1y
Fat Mat.
no1lowr   +1y
just bouht mine on ebay a second ago.

post photo
redsuncivic   +1y
i have used dynamat and hushmat and a few others hushmat is by far better. easy to put on and does a better job. you dont even need a roller. but thats just my 2 cents.
jumbo   +1y
thanks for the help, guys. Does anyone know about the heat shielding quality? Does it shield a little, a lot, none at all?
railmaster   +1y
yup fat mat
RA_CREW   +1y
don't use fat mat it's thinner than the rest, use dyna mat extreme it has good heat sheilding and you don't have to use a roller or heat it up, hush mat works good also but i doesn't have to heat sheilding factors of dyna mat. my friend put fat mat in his astro van and it's lifting off after a few months, "cheap things aren't good and good things aren't cheap"

TwistedMinis   +1y
I mike the fat mat, and compared it to the other two brands I had. It was only about .008 thinner than the Second Skin, and .005 thinner than the little Dynamat I had. Hardly a differnce, and I doubt it would make a noticeable impact. Plus its cheap enough to double up on. I'll probably od my doors twice and put whatever is left on the floor.