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Edited: 7/18/2006 3:00:26 AM by TRUCKIE

well this is an isuzu forum/section. so everybody on here post some pix of ur truck n a lil bit about it yeh.....

im from australia. i have a 92duallcab rodeo/isuzu..
its bodydroped 3 1/2in, lays on 20's, bagged 4link rear, shokwaves, tube arms upfront, v8 soarer motor going in...
this is all under construction still but u get the idea....


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Rigo   +1y
what kina tubular arms are those?? and is that a stock front clip? or not?
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the arms are ones we are making...
also na, the front clip isnt stock... we are in the midle of making a whole new clip...
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nascarguy3   +1y
What up mini truckers there are a few pics in my profile of my truck but need to update my profile with new pics, check them out...
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Twisted Galant   +1y
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iamagearheadru   +1y
I would post pics of mine put I dont even know how to change my signature much less put pics in a post
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radar   +1y
My old one is in my profile......
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sicpupidaho   +1y
I updated my pics recently.
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DontWatchMeWatchTV   +1y
There are about 15 in my profile. I can't post pics cause I'm a loser...hehe.