Ride of the Year 2008 Contestants

posted: Dec 03, 2008 by: baha

We are excited to announce our end of the Year - User's pick for Ride of the Year! There are so many great trucks from the Bscene, everything from daily drivers to eye poppin show rides. We had a nomination process and here are your top 10 picks! Be sure to check out their project thread and get a better look at their truck and all of the work they have done. The voting process will end December 7th at 11:30 EST. Thanks again for making this the most popular Mazda Truckin site on the web!



cl (Chris)


Elise's Dragon (Linn)'s daughter's

Immortal1 (Linn)

Bodied B2600zx (Josh)

badchicn (RICK)



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