Happy New Year!

posted: Jan 09, 2017 by: baha

Happy New Year!

Every year the time seems to go by quicker and I always find myself saying, I can't believe the previous year has come and gone.

I like to take this time of the year and reflect on the previous years accomplishments. Year 2016 was a very productive year for me but my greatest accomplishment was marrying my best friend, Brandy.

For the site, I implemented many bug fixes and a new technology, using web components. You may notice that more of the site is mobile friendly now. I'm actually writing this entire blog post, with my phone, while riding the bus to work!

That brings me to another big change, I recently took another job opportunity that gives me a much much better life work balance and I hope that I will be able to have more free time to invest in the site. Plus, if Atlanta ever stops construction, the bus ride may be smooth enough to do some coding on my laptop!

As for site upgrades for this year, overall the site look and feel will be close to what it is now. I'm currently doing another full code update which will make the site more or less what is referred to as a single page app! Once this is done, the next move is a cross platform mobile app. I hope you like the current look, I implemented Material Design but I understand it still may look plain. The site will get a few more updates in this regard as well.

I wish you and your family and safe and productive 2017!

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