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Big Brakes on S10

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ok i have been doing some thinking(i know scary). big brakes are something everyone wants. well im building a blazer and i have done alot of research to get the biggest, and nicest brake system. well i have alot of info wonder if anyone would be interested in me doing a big post of my info
i'd like to know where you find big brakes that don't cost a kidney on ebay.
post it up, i like to learn any and everything that has to do with minis.
depends on what your kidneys worth. i was 780 for EVERYTHING starting with a bare spindle, Hibs, rotors, pads, bears, calipers, bolts, seals......u name it, its probably inculded in that price. I'll be stuck in engineering class all day, so I probably wont get anything posted until around 8 or 9 tonight
hey all, i have a set of 10.75" front brake kit for an s10. Its never been used, and i have it up for sale. You can probably go bigger like a 12", but you start getting into big money. make me some offers on my brake kit, just IM me.

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First off this information should only be used as a guideline. I hope to receive no hate message because something may have not worked for someone. With that out of the way, there are two ways to put large brakes on your truck. In the end result the final decision will fall on your shoulders.

Probably the cheapest way, but not the way I choose. Take a stock brake rotor from a S10, and machine the actual brake surface off. This will in the end result leave you with just hub assembly. From this point you would able to rub corvette rotors that will slip over those hubs you just turned out of the original rotor. So far there would no problem, but next comes the calipers which from what I heard from friends are the problem with doing this. I know for a fact that if you run a single or dual piston caliper that the pistons are only on the inside there isn
Damn.. nice post.... I don't think the link is working properly but propz on the 411....
what about runnin Rotors in the rear Allen? im gonna be rockina LT-1 and id like to stop lol
u talking lt1 in the dime or in the burb...let me know, got a few ideas we can work the bugs out on for your ride, i didnt need to worry about my irs has oem 4 pistons