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need help with stock floor body drop

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how do i do it please help i need to go lower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm going to warn you right now, you're going to get some replies you wont like.

But do a search, theres a thread on this thta was started recently, and there are some good pictures of an S10 frame being built.
its not something average joe can do without a ton of knowledge.. pay someone to do it. a traditional bodydrop is easier but you seem like you dont know anything. get a few friends who do and have em do it/show you to do it.. but i wouldnt tackle stockfloor at your level.
ok i understand that eas probally a stupid question on my part, but i was told i can just take out the body to frame mounts, but wouldnt that ride like A$$
*bites his tongue*
haha,thats unsual cris
Originally posted by bdroppeddak

*bites his tongue*

was thinking the same thing....

dont do it..
some fn help not criticism!! i dont like to pay other people to work on my truck
y are u wanting 2 stockfloor it if it isnt even bagged yet
check out my site, those stockfloor bodydrops are little more complicated, you can get by like this:

my fullsize still has most of the stock frame, just the part under the cab is rebuilt.