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1992 b2600i 4x4. Chevy 17 wheel custom fit center hubs

Last Updated: Feb 24, 2015
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I could not find a write up on anyone doing a Chevy wheel swap onto a 4x4 so here it is.

Wheels are steel 17"s off of a Chevy van 2012 I think.

Of course the center bore was 2.5 as are all the small center Chevy wheels.

I took a 2x6 and drilled it to fit inside the wheel and bolted it to the wheel using large bolts and the factory lug nuts.(not factory but similar)

I the measured in three directions to find my center point.

Then used a standard metal 4" hole saw bit and a 1/2 drill to cut my center bores.

This is of course no longer useable for balancing as it's not perfect. But it allows clearance of the front junbs and rear centering nubs.

Most modern day tire shops at least have access to pin plates to mount the wheel to the balancer at the lug holes instead of the center bore. At least every one I have ever worked at has.

If you guys have any questions please let me know.


Created By: mspeed5326

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mspeed5326   +1y
Another pic.
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mspeed5326   +1y
Side view, not as much offset. But still enough.
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chevellex69   +1y
Why not just grind the tabs off the hub? You wheel is then centered on the studs.
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mspeed5326   +1y
That won't work on the 4x4 front hubs, God i
Wish it had.

The hubs are 4"
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sincitylocal   +1y
Please don't drive on those wheels!!!
You just created a safety issue.
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mspeed5326   +1y
I see no reason to believe that, I Have 20 years experience in this business. The flange is no different and most likely stronger than most Chinese crap that is pumped out these days.

My american racing wheels from the 90's are thinner in all respects at the flange, with no lip "for strength" as some of you have mentioned.

Thanks for the heads up thou. I understand you never know what kind of fool your dealing with on these forums.
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dan woodland   +1y
I'm no expert, by a long shot, but that does seem to compromise the integrity of those wheels. I see the truck is dirty, I certainly wouldn't use them off road. It would be interesting for you to photograph them after some time on the vehicle to see if there are any issues brewing.
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mspeed5326   +1y
We have about a foot of snow on the ground so that's salt.

I do use the truck for commuting and the reason for these wheels was to have an extra set for street tires.

I am running 31" Firestone mud tires for the last two years. Granted I don't drive it everyday so they don't show much wear. I was looking for a smoother ride.

I put the wheels on today and they don't fit the look of the truck in my opinion. At least with 265/70r17 tires (31.7" tall).

I will toss them to the side for another day, so I doubt I'll be seeing much use of them.
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mspeed5326   +1y
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mazdizzle   +1y
I think those will be just fine. I had my old navigator wheels and before that a set of yukon wheels bored out by a shop so I didn't have to grind the tabs off. Never had an issue with either one being lug centric instead of hub centric
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