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stock carb woes. experienced mechanics only.

Last Updated: Feb 24, 2015
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so I'm waiting for my weber to arrive... it's taking too long...

I've been fighting a bad stutter lately with my daily driven 2.2 carbed 90 mazda se5 and I decided to ATTEMPT a simple clean and reassemble on the stock carb... read on if you have good wrench skills and confidence. your gonna need it for this old puppy.

our little truck is notorious to have one of the most complicated, rediculous carburators ever equipped and if you have ever tried troubleshooting one you know this factually, and probley just do like most. yank the whore off and toss it to the scrap pile in favor of a weber. but then some of you might be cheap and skilled (or dumb, and impatient) like me.

this walk through i hope can cover removal, cleaning, and reassembly. Hell, it might even run better!

onward and upward!

begin by removing the air cleaner assembly, egr hoses and get to the carb and all it's vaccum line glory.

next remove the various vac lines surrounding the carb, you only need to remove lines attaching above the four carburator mounting nuts.

dissconnect fuel lines next, and tackle unplugging the two plugs to the left front. one of mine got destroyed during this step.

clip your electric choke wire and leave enough to strip and twist back togeather.

now you can remove the 4 nuts securing the carb and it's wiring to the intake lift it off slowly, you may have vac lines still attached.

take a break now and really assess ifnyourbready to tear into this thing, if it has nothing wrong with it and you think it needs to be cleaned my advice is to just leave it alone. if you have leaks or your bound and determined, check for part two.


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I took my own advice! patched the air leak with some silly-cone and put er back togeather with no improvement. however, the real problem was distributor position. there is a much better write up if you use the search bad up top. thanks for reading
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