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Tuning a weber 32/36 write up

Last Updated: Feb 24, 2015
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I always see this ? Pop up so figured i would do my own write up on this. If i missed anything please comment.

1st let the truck warm up for atleast 20-30 mins or just go for a drive around get a six pack and a hotdog whatever lol, just need to make sure the choke isn't on.

2nd, take your idle mixture screw ( If looking at the engine from the front ) Will be on the lower left side and accesed form behind with a flathead screwdriver. Turn it out until your idle increases.

3rd. Once your idle increases from turning your idle screw out take and on the back of the carb accesed from the left side with a flathead screwdriver. Turn it in until your idle decreases

4th. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until your idle mixture screw no longer increases your idle.

5th.. once the idle mixture screw no longer increases idle. Important, make sure you give the engine a good rev at this point then shut your engine down. once turned off turn your idle mixture screw all the way in ( WHILE IT IS OFF )

6th, now this may take a long time if doing yourself so i reccomend a friend for this part, now on mine once i tried cranking after turning the screw in it wouldn't idle less throttle was held. With that being said if you have a second person just have them crank if it doesn't turn over have them stop and easily turn the idle mixture screw out ( noting how many turns you use)

7th. If you are doing it by yourself it's no different just lots of back and forth to crank it up each time adjust your screw. Now once the screw is adjusted and the truck will start and idle it may spit sputter like it's going to die. This is okay, as long as it runs it's fine just get it open enough to allow idle at first.

8th. Once you have idle slowly back your idle mixture screw out till the engine stops spitting and sputtering, if it is within 2 1/4 turn backed out this is called best lean idle mixture, if you need more you may need to adjust your jets ( not a big deal will hurt nothing just a note)

9th. Once your idle mixture screw setlles your engine set your idle speed screw to wherever you wish it to be set or where the idle sounds good to you ( if don't have a tach ) and this should be a best lean mixture setting and fix your dieseling issues if it is nothing else like a leaking intake manifold gasket or something else.


Created By: xxchromeghostxx

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pabartelt avatar
pabartelt   +1y
I like this write up very much.

thank you.

I had a question about #4

since the idle mixture screw directly influences the throttle, how can it ever stop increasing your idle?

I know I probably just misunderstood but some clarification would be greatly appreciated.

thanks again,
xxchromeghostxx avatar
xxchromeghostxx   +1y
Honestly i had the same worries/question when i done it from a thread someone wrote on another site. But when you do it you will notice that it doesn't.

My guess is that at some point in tinkering between them it reaches a point that it reaches the end of its influence on the jets inside the carb and is wide open. Then at this point the other screw leans it back out allowing for the best lean idle. Im probably completely wrong but this is my guess lol. But thanks for the kind words and maybe someone else will have a better answer or the right one. Again this is just me guessing as to why idle stops increasing.
94droptop avatar
94droptop   +1y
Whats the point of steps 1-4 if your just going to erase all your work by screwing it all the way back in?
xxchromeghostxx avatar
xxchromeghostxx   +1y
Yes you are erasing work but you are also making sure that you are starting from the correct settings to make sure the carb has been "reset."
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