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Resetting to 0 miles

Last Updated: Feb 24, 2015
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sincitylocal   +1y
Pull with your fingers at the pivot point.
jiffyzx6   +1y
Got a question... I'm about to do this (very well explained thank you!) and I was curious... Is the Guage face numbers permanently red or is there a red "film" over it to make them look red... I ask because I want to make everything green with led's but with the red there it won't look right.
itizmyne   +1y

They are permanently colored unfortunately. and they are solid too, not see-through.

Thanks for all the feedback also
kovz   +1y
One thing that was interesting was that my numbers are white, yours are red/orange.

Nice thing about mine was that I didn't have to cut/melt any plastic.
spacemonkee23   +1y
Great write up. I do have a quick question I had replaced my dash with a tach model a few years back. (I just used a small flat head screw driver with some tape wrapped around it and softly pried on the number wheels and they rolled over with a click. I don't recommend this but it worked for me).

Back to my question, you mentioned the speedo needle had to be put back on to zero. My speed has been slow by 10 mph since I put bigger tires on it. (both with original gauges and the tach one) will this needle method fix my problem by just removing it and shift it over a little? I have lived with it because I assumed I would have to replace the speedometer gears in the tranny and it still bothers me. My GPS shows 70 and my gauge shows 60.
kovz   +1y
That would not work because your tire sizes being off is based on a percentage. If you are going 70 and your Speedometer shows 60, then when you are going 30, your speedo would probably ready around 25mph.
Meaning its not always the same amount off. So putting your speedo 10mph will not fix your problem.
spacemonkee23   +1y

Yeah you're right that's what I was thinking, I figured I would ask just for the sake of it. Its just extremely annoying to have it that far off. Thanks for confirming. So I would have to replace the speedo gears in the tranny, that's pretty much my only option other than going back to stock tire diameter. *EDIT: the only good thing about it is that I use the mark on the 55mph for the actual 65mph speed limit, helps with my OCD