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Combination Switch Or Headlight Switch Exposed!

Last Updated: Feb 24, 2015
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jenko   +1y
It works!

Now onto the important part.
So...... you're saying you have a SINGLE sister, WITH a house, right NEXT door?
How do you feel about a gearhead neighbor/brother in law?

Congrats on your super slick Headlight Switch write up.
You're a credit to the mscene and master of b photos.
sincitylocal   +1y
Hey!!! Back off Jenko!
I'm already married, but I could try taking on wife #2, if the house comes as part of the package!

Did I mention my truck is Chevy Powered?
Cusser   +1y

And I thought you wanted Mrs. Cusser as your "kindly neighbor" !!!

Notice how (as typical) this thread got off track....I love it !!!
axel breaker earl   +1y
I guess I better clear this all up!

First of all, that house sold as soon as they put it on the market, years ago!
My sister is married again, lives in Atlanta now, and has 2 lovely little girls.
The family that bought the house will probably never sell it as they absolutely love it......especially the acreage that it's I guess I need to apologize for misleading you guys!


The piece of property that lies between her old home and mine is what is left of my parents 10.5 acre tract........and it is platted for an up-scale small neighborhood and 2 of the lots back up to the north side of my, theoretically, you could move in next door, and you already know a dedicated, state certified, custom home builder.......hint, hint!!

And yes Cusser, we would love to have Mrs. Cusser as our beautiful, kindly neighbor!
I actually grew up in my parent's house that is still located on that piece of property and is right through the woods from me, maybe 200 yds from the back of my house. A preacher and his family rent my parents house now from the current owners........we sold them the property in 2005 or 2006 I the height of the housing boom........had I not have had 6 other brothers & sisters, I wouldn't be working as hard as I do now! It's all good though!
axel breaker earl   +1y
Back on topic for a minute anyway.......

Well this morning I decided to pull the HLS off of the GOOD combination switch that I put into the gold truck since I removed it today and put the "fixed" original combination switch back in the truck.........this switch is still working as it should, but I wanted pics to compare the bad one (before I cleaned it all up and fixed it) to a known good switch.

And here it is!

thread post photo

thread post photo

thread post photo

It is noticeably cleaner than the non-working one I first pulled apart!

This is the non-working one, before cleaning......

thread post photo

thread post photo

thread post photo
axel breaker earl   +1y
Just an update on this old thread........the headlight switch that I pulled apart, cleaned & put back together, is still working like a champ!

Just thought I would let everyone know........if you just examine the device and try to find what the problem is, most times you can actually fix the device without having to buy another to replace it.

The original Mazda equipment on these trucks are MUCH better than the aftermarket stuff you can buy most cases anyway!
Cusser   +1y
I'm gonna fix mine next time I remove the steering wheel and its covers. Been using a toggle switch under the column I added to separately turn on the taillight/parking light/instrument panel circuit, before Earl did his write-up (and my spare, since swapped, had the incorrect number of "pins", and I didn't feel like monkeying with it).
rsjffx   +1y
I wanted to thank for the write up, I cleaned my switch and the high beam works again.
B302   +1y
I know this is old, but I have to post a thank you for this write up. Just fixed my switch and my headlights are back to normal.