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86-93 Brake Rotor Replace/Hub removal from spindle

Last Updated: Feb 24, 2015
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89rotary   +1y
posting to save. always nice to have a run down even as a technician! Lol
Cusser   +1y
I don't see any pictures, just says "image" a bunch of times.
fdugn545   +1y

Same here...

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89rotary   +1y
It's simple. Pictures were working on my computer. They don't work in my phone

sent while peering deeply into my soul.... trying to find that lost apex seal again.....
sincitylocal   +1y
I can't see the pics, so I tried to go straight to the hosting site.
The host site cannot be found by either firefox or internet explorer on my computer.
91extcab   +1y
Makes me wonder if Facebook has started using some kind of revolving, random hosting addresses to be able to stop people from using Facebook data storage to host pictures, and then use the image location to post on forums. I know the pictures are still up on my Facebook, but have no idea why they no longer work as far add the link goes
xxchromeghostxx   +1y
I can't see the pictures either, and i'm kinda stuck right now, having to soak my caliber brace nuts ( 21 mm ones ) with wd 40 before i can break them loose, would like be able to see the pictures, but i can easily understand the write up with out them very nice. But i seen someone comment they just unbolted the rotor from the hub and beat it off without messing with the bearings, i'm replacing rotors pads and calibers and would really not like to mess with the bearings and spindle nuts, so any advice or tips on getting the rotor off without doing this would be nice ty.
91extcab   +1y
I didn't mess up my bearings, but once its apart if you have to replace the bearings its not hard to do. I'll try to get my computer hooked up so i can download the pictures from Facebook and upload to the servers here so they can't be lost again. I've got a couple other threads that need the pictures fixed as well. Just haven't had time.