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Last Updated: Feb 24, 2015
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1. Jason
2. Idaho
3. Severed Ties
4. 1987
5. 2.2
6. Extended Cab
7. The best Leveling system out there
8. Showing the simple steps to installing an AccuAir system
9. Step by Step Instructions... See below

Well I have been a little busy but finally got time to get to this after the trip to Sittin Pretti. I got my AccuAir in and got it installed before I went up there. I can


Created By: idminitrucker (jason)

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toddluck avatar
toddluck   +1y
sweet write up
idminitrucker (jason) avatar
idminitrucker (jason)   +1y
Thanks I still got to get some pics of the different settings. I dont know if anyone has any questions about it or wants to see some specific picture of something
con$truktive avatar
con$truktive   +1y
2nd that, nice write up & great to see guys loving accuair e-levels
as im yet to fit mine once i finish the 2nd rear clip
even the touchpads real nice & clean hey..........
paparoach1983 avatar
paparoach1983   +1y
baha avatar
baha   +1y
Very nice write up I must say! So how do you like the system so far? I'm wanting to do something similar, with a computer to manage the air suspension.
robzilla avatar
robzilla   +1y
That is sweet! The AccuAir pressure switch is adjustable? can you change it with the controller? it doesn't say anything about that on the AccuAir website. Just curious, is that the reason for changing out the pressure switch? Did you get the AccuAir solenoid manifold or did you keep the same valves you had before?

Good work on the write up and install!
idminitrucker (jason) avatar
idminitrucker (jason)   +1y

I really like it. It makes driving the truck way nicer. Its not my first bagged ride but with this system it takes a lot of the worry out of driving it and I have no questions on if my wife can drive it (which she has). It cant compare to having gauges or a pressure based system. I took a tape measure around the four corners and made sure it was the same and then set it to where i wanted it. its like changing a radio preset, You put it where you want it and hold the button down till it flashes. And the system learns the more you use it. the more you change between your presets the system learns how long it needs to pulse the valves to put it where it needs to be the first time.
idminitrucker (jason) avatar
idminitrucker (jason)   +1y

Well its more of just a pressure sensor and the computer controls the compressors. But yes all the user adj functions are set with the controller including the air pressure. And yep that the reason to change out the viair one. I have a GC 3/8s manifold which I kept because the AccuAir manifold comes preplumbed for 3/8 air line and my whole truck was plumbed with hardline. Reno and I talked and he said I was better off keeping what I had then switching to the VU4. The biggest thing is you cant have to fast of valves because the system can control it if it is too fast. so any 3/8 or smaller system works better.
robzilla avatar
robzilla   +1y
Cool! Thanks for the info!!
idminitrucker (jason) avatar
idminitrucker (jason)   +1y
Yeah not a problem any other questions let me know if I dont know the answer I know I can find it out.
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