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Last Updated: Feb 24, 2015
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Ok, so I finally got around to upholstering those nasty grey seats I picked up for the truck and thought I might as well put together a little 101 lesson on redoing a set of seats. These seats I believe are from a Toyota SUV but the process is basically the same for most buck seats or bench seats. I am currently using a CONSEW industrial sewing machine but I have used a regular home sewing machine in the past with good results. Just gotta remember to use upholstery thread and heavy duty leather / denim needles. Anyway, on to the show


Created By: immortal1 (linn)

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toddluck avatar
toddluck   +1y
very nice work linn
paparoach1983 avatar
paparoach1983   +1y
heck yeah bro sweet wirght up
chitobeach avatar
chitobeach   +1y
Nice work! been a few years since Ive done an interior last one was a bug.
sosatheshark avatar
sosatheshark   +1y
sick ass work as always bro
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