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Aussie Ford Raider headlight conversion..

Last Updated: Feb 24, 2015
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I thought I'd post up a quick tech write up on how to do an Aussie Ford Raider headlight conversion...

It's very simple, Basically bolt in bar the Mazda grill mod and is completely bolt in if your using a Ford Courier grill and light surrounds...

Firstly remove your grill, headlights and all of the headlight mounting hardware...

Then install the 6 (3 each side) Raider HL mounts, all 6 square holes are there from the factory...

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Then install both your headlights.. All the light wiring is the same so it just plugs in, The Raider lights also have the builtin parker globe so that plugs in as per the standard ones do..
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Now its time for the grill... If your doing this on an Aussie Ford Courier then you just have to unscrew your inserts from the light surrounds, They will then look the same as the factory Raider ones!! If your using or converting to a Mazda grill then you have to cut the grill just inside of the molded lines of the outter shape where the HL's go.. The Raider lights are the exact shape of the outter shape on the grill so you dont have to hack into the grill like you do when doing the Ranger head lights.. so it looks a little more factory..
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Then mount your grill and blinkers... and thats it !!! very simple...

Finished product...
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If you have any questions just ask !!


P.S. Let me know what you think !!


Created By: 85 supercab

speedster93b avatar
speedster93b   +1y
truck looks good man!
85 supercab avatar
85 supercab   +1y
Cheers bro
jmzcustomz (jeff) avatar
jmzcustomz (jeff)   +1y
That looks friggin NICE!!!!

I really like those. Do you have options like HID and what not when it comes to the bulbs?
85 supercab avatar
85 supercab   +1y
Thanks man,

There not sealed beem, there H4 globes so if you can get the HID that replace H4 bulbs then yeah !!

I will be lookin into this kind of thing once it gets a little closer to being back on the road...
bk2minis avatar
bk2minis   +1y
Nothing against any other conversions but that is superb. I want some of those
85 supercab avatar
85 supercab   +1y
LOL... Thanks man..

Yeah, there not that hard to find here but there a little pricey at $100au each from wreckin yards !!

But if you look hard enough you can find them for a much better price privately... I scored these, both front 4x4 guards and also both 4x4 front bar end caps for $150au + delivery...

I also scored the whole roof off a Raider with the factory sunroof in it for $50 + delivery !! so yeah, theres a little insight to a mod I also have planned...
mazdawg(mikey) avatar
mazdawg(mikey)   +1y
i really want those to go with my grille
korrupt1 avatar
korrupt1   +1y
Im with several others here...that does look awesome...I want some just for my grille I got offense(cuz I dont wanna seem like a copycat) but thats the EXACT look I be going for....slightly recessed even(or at least in pics thats how it looks)....perfect.

well done and a seems to be easy mod with updated lighting. Hate sealed beam anyways. LOL
bodied b2600zx (josh) avatar
bodied b2600zx (josh)   +1y
Are those the bumper ends I sent you? ? If so, you cleaned those up great! ! ! !

And the headlights look very nice too! !

85 supercab avatar
85 supercab   +1y

Thanks Josh !! and yeah there the ones you sent me.. Thay look sweet now after a quick clean up and a coat of paint... I do have another set coming, so I'll pick the best out of the 4 and use them...