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Installing a H4 Headlight conversion

Last Updated: Feb 24, 2015
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H4 Conversion

Tools needed: Phillips Screwdriver, Needle Nose pliers, Flat Head Screwdriver.

1.Purchase a pair of H4 Head Lights. ($25.50 eBay cheap H4’S work great I went with the diamond style not the projection lenses)
2.Remove corner lamps 2 screws each side. 4 total screws (don’t lose)
3.Unplug and remove corners flat head comes in handy opening the plugs up.
4.Unplug and remove both head lights from the truck by removing the hold down spring and rotating the entire assembly out of the adjustment screws.
5.Lay headlights down and remove the 4 screws that hold the bezel’s down 8 screws total.
6.Remove old Headlights make sure you keep the back assembly facing upright.
7.Install the new H4's. The new H4's are a tight fit I had to force my bezels on or you can trim a little off but they will fit with no cutting just takes some force.
8.Screw the bezel on this is tricky I put a screw in opposite corners to keep it centered then I put the other screws in may have to do a bit of bending to line up the holes and lots of force to get the screw started. (Keep hands out of way of screwdriver path so you don’t puncture yourself).
9.(Optional Step) If you want you can wire in the little parking light that comes with the system. I hooked the negative side up to the hood latch bolt and the positive side I used a Mid Way wire connector. This seemed to be the best way instead of hacking into the stock harness and having to soldier. Do this to both sides.
10.Install the new H4's by rotating them into the adjustment screws. And re set the springs on the corner of the back assembly.
11.Reinstall the grille.
12.Reinstall corner lamps
13.Plug headlights and corner lights in.
14.Test to make sure your corner lights still work and your new headlights. (Check low/hi Beam) (I had a bad bulb with my kit. A pair of bright white H4 Wagner’s ran me $18.13)
15.If everything checks out you can enjoy your new H4 conversion.

Fixed sorry didn't realize there was a difference


Created By: nonamedsomebody

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dzminiz avatar
dzminiz   +1y
get some pix. Did ya get HID's or just the H4 headlights?
bodied b2600zx (josh) avatar
bodied b2600zx (josh)   +1y
Ya sounds like headlights to me.... Nothin said about mountin ballasts or anything. And you said you went with the diamond lenses in the same sentence as 25.50 ebay cheaps..... theres no way you got real HIDs and housings for 25 bucks... even on ebay
layedoutb2k (chase) avatar
layedoutb2k (chase)   +1y
definitely sounds like just an H4 conversion
toddluck avatar
toddluck   +1y
yeah h4
konzern1 avatar
konzern1   +1y
deff need some pix, i just saw that my h4 headlights have a pebble crack! i guess its about time to get some rangers on the truck
nonamedsomebody avatar
nonamedsomebody   +1y

What do you want pics of the install or the completed project or both? if you want pics of the install i'll have to pull my grille and start over again.
toddluck avatar
toddluck   +1y
get on
bodied b2600zx (josh) avatar
bodied b2600zx (josh)   +1y
takin the grille off ain't no big deal!
konzern1 avatar
konzern1   +1y
i dont need any pix cuz i already have my h4 conversions but write ups are better with pictures and coloring pages and snacks lol
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