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The $free (well realy cheap) tailgate handle relocation

Last Updated: Feb 24, 2015
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okay I was going to do this earlier when I did it but lost some in progress pics but nothing to important.

STEP 1: Remove rear panel on tailgate and removed handle

STEP 2: To start off you need to cut out the section in the skin of your tailgate that houses the handle using a die grinder with cut off wheel

thread post photo

STEP 3: you need a piece of sheet metal trace the outline of the piece you just cut on to the sheetmetal and cut it out for a filler.

STEP 4: flip the tailgate over and cut out the section that was behind were the handle mounted
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STEP 5: Take the piece the handle mounts up to and align it to the top of the center indent on the removable panel and mark it for cutting.
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STEP 6: Remove latch assemblies and flip the rods 180 degrees from what they were and reinstall

STEP 7: Weld in front filler plate and handle bucket to removable panel taking your time spot welding so you don't warp it

STEP 8: You will need to make a piece of metal to fill the hole on the bottom of the handle bucket your choice on how you want it
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STEP 9: Grind it down taking your time so it doesn't warp and make sure it is completely welded

STEP 10: Apply body filler if needed and block sand so it is straight and you can be proud of your work

STEP 11: After paint reassemble the rear panel with the handle attached to the panel, it will take some patience to get the rode re attached but it will go back together.
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mazdawg(mikey)   +1y
good write up buddy. btw that chair is sexy.
elbine69   +1y
Nice write up man
dropped90(justin)   +1y
thats exactly how i did mine and it works great.

dragginmazda86 (dave)   +1y
Good job on the write up Dale, it will help others for sure. Thanks.
at dusk   +1y
i was like what the F a flower..... then i put 2 and 2 together... nice write up...

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