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How to install 01 & up Ranger Headlights

Last Updated: Feb 24, 2015
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This is how I did the conversion on my truck and hopefully it helps.
The tools I used were a cut off wheel for the compressor and a jigsaw to get the rounded area. A drill with a unibit to drill the hole.

First of course is to remove the corner lights, grille and headlights.

Make sure you secure the grille or have a friend hold it for you while you cut.

To make it easier I used a piece of cardboard and layed the light face down and traced it, cut it out and then you have a template.

thread post photo

Now trace it onto the grille
thread post photo

repeat for other side.

After cutting this is what it should look like
thread post photo

This is what the grille will look like
thread post photo

On the core support there are two holes at the bottom that will work. The one at the top is what you need to drill for
thread post photo

This is the adjuster on the top bolt. Remove it
thread post photo

Now for spacers to get the right angle is going to depend on how low or what angle your truck currently sits. For mine I used a 1/4" spacer at the top bolt and for the botom bolt closest to the radiator I used one of the tabs from the light itself
thread post photo

It will take a little working aroun to get it to line up but once you do mount the grille and tighten the nuts onto the bolts. The size nuts that fit the bolts were 6mm. Be sure to use washers and lock washers.

Now for the wiring. It is real simple. The mazda has three wires as do the Fords. This is the one from the mazda
thread post photo

This is the one from a Ford Taurus. All late model Fords have the same plug
thread post photo

Here are the two spliced together.
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However way you splice, whether it be solder or connectors, be sure to use shrink tubing over it to prevent water leaking on to the wires.

Turn signals or parking lights are easy. Just two wires, one ground the other signal.

Here is the finished look
thread post photo

It is actually simple to do. It only took me about two and a half hours from start to finish.


Created By: airedout89

lofosho86 avatar
lofosho86   +1y
nice write up!will def help alot of people!!
mazdalowandslow avatar
mazdalowandslow   +1y
What did you use for cutting the grill? also do you have any pics of the headlights mounted to the core w/o the grill on? also how well do they work at night? are the leveled right?
airedout89 avatar
airedout89   +1y
To cut the grille I used a cut off wheel and a jigsaw to get at the rounded spot. I didn't get a pic of just the lights mounted without the grille. If you think it will help others I can pull the grille off and get one. Haven't driven at night with them yet. I will tonight. When I checked them against the wall the were pretty damn level with each other.
mazdalowandslow avatar
mazdalowandslow   +1y
Nice man, ya I think it would help a few people if you showed how they mounted to the core, also you should put up and supplys and parts list. Years of ranger the headlights work off.
airedout89 avatar
airedout89   +1y
I do show where the holes are and where to drill a new. The only parts where the nuts, washers and lock washers. For years as far as I know it is 01 and up, like the title says.
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ga,mazduh   +1y
man if u only knew how much u helped me out just now!! i sure appriciate this information ........LOW INTENTIONS 4 LIFE
devb22 avatar
devb22   +1y
Good job buddy!

Glad someone finally took the time to do this!

Clean install fo sho!

airedout89 avatar
airedout89   +1y
Glad to help out. If there are any questions I will answer them and if anyone has any other feedback or tips on doing this install that have done it themself, feel free to add info.
hex0rz avatar
hex0rz   +1y
Dude, sweeeeet techie! I'll be doing this, this summer!

BTW, to REALLY have an easy job on the cutout, get your self a DREMEL. as well, buy a carbide bit for it!
deranged kustoms avatar
deranged kustoms   +1y
Good deal. I just happen to have the lights out of my 2003 sitting on a shelf in the shop. They have already been blacked out and glued back together. I may just do this when I am putting the front back together this weekend.