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How To: Grinding Tabs for GM Wheels

Last Updated: Feb 24, 2015
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anguswilly   +1y
I cannot believe that in how many years of this thread that no one has realized or posted that the hub (or tabs in this case ) are ONLY there to center the wheel during mounting, they carry NONE of the weight of the vehicle - the pressure created by the lugs being tightened against the hub is what carries the weight of the vehicle - any idea how many production vehicles are non hub centric? LOTS.

Don't believe me?

Read on:

Quote: "The clamping force of the lug hardware in the lug seats is what mechanically centers and secures the wheel in place on the hub"
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jaboody   +1y
I'm new to this site and got some 17" gm wheels I'm definitely going with grinding the tabs.
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troki2   +1y
Thanks for the write up, great help. lots of work to do today.