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Last Updated: Feb 24, 2015
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dropped90(justin)   +1y
your head already has solid lifters. And your head and 86-93 heads are completely different.

mazdatweaker   +1y
I hope correct information being placed in here isn't going to cause a problem.

This information is wrong.

If you are going to adjust valve / rocker clearance at the CAM, then that is to be at .010.

If you are going to set the clearance at the VALVE, then it is to be set at .012.

.003 to .005 will melt exhaust valves due to lack of time to dump heat at the valve seat / insufficient time to cool between heat cycles.
mazdatweaker   +1y

An '84 is a CHAIN DRIVEN CAM. It is already a mechanical set up.
mazdatweaker   +1y
Here's the same issue from another thread.

dropped90(justin)   +1y
Thank you tweaker on the corrected lashes. Like I said it has been years now since I have adjusted a set and could not remember the values.

wood_butcher   +1y
great writeup, justin. I'll have to do this to my the annoying tick that wont go away.
Cusser   +1y

Pon't - I don't understand what you mean by the front plate. Is that the part that bolts onto the very front of the cylinder head?
hurtlocker   +1y
So if I order the rocker arm shafts and the rocker arms for a b2000 then I can just swap them out of my b2200 and eliminate the lifter tick for the most part. Let me know if I am tracking the post right, pleas.
dmills313   +1y
It is possible to gain some power through the 2.0 head, if the deck height is different between the 2.0 head and the 2.2 head it will alter the compression ratio slightly. Also the combustion chambers may be different sizes, or the valves could be different sizes. I do not know the specs on either head, may not be a difference, but i just wanted to add that little tidbit of information. I have a B2000 (87) that i just picked up. I also have a 97 Miata with the HLA tick that drives me nuts.
pont   +1y

little late but yes one is longer than the other. I think the 2.0 is longer and will not fit right. I think the change came cause of the difference in water pumps. They made seals to seal up the hole thing and with the change of the water pumps they needed to shorten the one for the 2.2. This would probably only be a issue with peeps that change out the hole heads.

Also I do .08 on my intake and .09 on the exhaust. Did this on my old 2.0 my 2.2 with the solid's and on the the 2.0 to replace the 2.2 when it spun a rod bearing.