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Last Updated: Feb 24, 2015
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Hey all,
Thought I'd post up a link to some great engine break in proceedures.
I have used this method and it does appear to work. I have heard of others using this as well, and the ones I have spoken with also claim it works. Read it for your self, and see what you think.

Overview of what you are about to read:
1- After a complete engine warm up - Run it hard in the first 20 miles. Hard throttle bursts in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gears, as well as hard deceleration. The main point here is to run it hard under load.
2 - Change your oil and filter after the 1st 20 miles.
3 - Do not use Synthetic Oil until you have exceeded 1500 miles.
4 - 80% of break in is in the first 20 miles, the last 20% is in the next 200 miles, so alter speeds, vary acceleration, etc.
5 - Throw out the mfg's break in recommendations - it's a lie.

Something to remember here - Always be sure to check the timming, valve clearances, prime the oil system, fuel leak checks, etc. before going out to break in your new engine.

Follow this link for a complete break in proceedure explanation:



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steve@az   +1y
I used this procedure on my 2.2 when I rebuilt it in November, and it has worked GREAT!

Also, I found a nice loop of rarely traveled roads (including a good stretch of Route 66!) to break in the engine. It ended up being about 80 miles on the first trip, changed oil and checked everything over. Kept up the break-in procedure for another 50 miles or so, then drove normally and changed oil again at 500 miles, and re-torqued the head. Overkill? Probably, but I know my engine is clean.

Will re-torque the head again around 2500 miles just to be sure.

Also have to add that I kept the hydraulic lifters and they do not make a sound, even first thing in the morning. If you have a clean engine with a functioning oiling system, the HLAs are just fine.
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Cusser   +1y
I did mine in October, broke it in like I've done with my old VWs.

I took the B2200 out on the street, went through the gear ranges to keep it under load, let it get to operating temperatures normally.

I used Valvoline 10-40 and changed my oil and filter at 500 miles, and did a cylinder head re-torque. I'm not using synthetic oil, using straight 30W Valoline right now.
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