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How To : Flip Ball Joints

Last Updated: Feb 24, 2015
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HOW TO : Flip Ball Joints

Justin Kessler

Central Pennsylvania



Standard Cab

No new parts needed should be able to reuse existing parts

Tools needed: basic hand tools, PICKLE FORK ( to seperate ball joint from spindle), lug wrench, some typee of cut off tool(die grinder, sawsall )


1. Jack it up put it on jack stands and take the front wheels off

2. Remove brake calipers and hang them up with mechanics wire ( DONT LET THEM HANG BY THE BRAKE LINE )
You may have to remove the retaining clip from the bottom side of the upper control arm

3. Remove the cotter pins and nuts from the studs of the ball joints.

4. With a pickle fork and hammer seperate the spindle from the upper control arm do the same on the lower control arm ( DO NOT STRIKE THE END OF THE BALL JOINT ) YOU WILL MUSHROOM THE END AND WONT GET THE NUT BACK ON.

thread post photo

thread post photo

5. Hang the spindle out of your way

6. Remove the upper ball joint from the underside of the upper control arm place it on the top side of the control with the stud still facing DOWN.

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7.Bolt it back in

8. Remove the lower ball joint ( you will see a little hump above the ball joint ) once the ball joint is removed with the cut off tool you have remove the hump so that its flush with the top of the control arm ( Cut it horizontally NOT VERTICAL )
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thread post photo

thread post photo

9.Once you have it cut off paint the bare metal area to prevent rust. Bolt the ball joint onto the top side off the lower control arm with the stud still facing down.

10. Reinstall the spindle, Ball joint nuts COTTER PINS
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11. Reinstall the brake caliper and brake line retaining clip.

12. Reinstall the wheels. remove jackstands and jack



Created By: lowblownranger

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scarecrow   +1y
nicely done.
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oldskewlkool   +1y
that was one of the best how to's ive ever seen very good
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oldskewlkool   +1y
i would say thogh that i think its about time to change some ball joints and tierods and possible some shocks, but i man my truck had almost 240000 miles on it befor i did
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madbagger   +1y
great job on the write up
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nytrdr24   +1y
nicely done!
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lowblownranger   +1y
yeah after looking at the pics i need a lot of front end work all the shocks on the truck are shot i have had the truck 3 months so im tryig to get things done when ever i have a chance
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team haymaker   +1y
now just to help clear something up for all those like me,

is it true that if you flip ball joints you must run a wheel of atleast 16 inches?

p.s. great write up
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lowblownranger   +1y
NO if you do it the way the how to acrticle says

IM running the stock 14's
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thetornado   +1y
GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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lowblownranger   +1y
thatnks i was waiting for a comment from you or baha to make sure thats what you where looking for