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Motor Oil to Fuel, Set up and Purchase list

Last Updated: Feb 22, 2015
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So, I figured that since I spent all of this time researching the how to and what needs to be done to get yourself rolling from scratch to start converting used motor oil to useable fuel in your select diesel engines. I thought I would share my thought process with you and ask for your comments. This is how I intend on setting up my shop to produce the black goodness.

As a note, this is a rediculously overdone setup that can be done for much cheaper, however I like to do things a little on the expensive side while planning it out so that when I find a deal on craigslist or a buddy I can scratch out the saved money and spend it on other things.....just like we all would.

So, here goes. This list of products should get you ready to roll.

Fuel storage tank-275 Gallons from Northern Tool-800.00
Air operated transfer pump-Harbor Freight (HF)-60.00
Waste 5 Gal bucket-10.00
2 metal 55 Gal tanks (new)-40.00
3 5 Gal Diesel hand cans-Northern Tool (NT)-45.00
55 Gal Drum Dolly-Sears-225.00
55 Gal Drum Heater with thermostat-Ebay-150.00
Centrifuge- " target="_blank" 920.00
3 Milk Crates-Ebay-10.00
Old Shirts and rags-In my house....FREE
6 Hand carry sturdy 5 gallon easy pour jugs-Solo Performance Specialties-110.00
Label system for barrels-Duct Tape/Marker-5.00
Log Book-Staples-5.00
Fire Proof Oily rags container (6 Gal)-Amazon-60.00
Seafoam case (6-16oz)-Amazon-36.00
Floor/Deck anti Slip and Oil Resistant covering-Sams Club-9.00 a sqf
Overhead Flourescent Lighting-Garage Store-50.00

These are the things that I did not price out that are above 20.00 because I already have them.

Transport tank, 40 Gal Aux tank with filter, pump and nozzle for fueling up my oil collecting buddies.
An Elevated box for the unfiltered oil (I will build this)

I have calculated around 2,600 bucks for the entire system and I think you all will agree that some of these prices are over estimated and that some items are not really required...but the way I look at it is a worst case scenario.....I may spend that amount.
These are a few pics of what your set up will look like in the end. I cannot take credit for these pics as I poached them from the site that I am buying my centrifuge from. I bought an Alternator from the guy who owns Wolverine Technologies and he was an awesome guy to work with and sold a great alternator for my military truck.

What do you guys think? Now don't go asking me too many technical questions about burning motor oil...I am not an expert...I know it will work in my upcoming 12V 1994-1998 Cummins....that I have to find out there somewhere.....


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