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GMT400 VIN decoding card

Last Updated: Feb 22, 2015
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I spent some time this morning to come up with what I hope is an all-inclusive VIN decoding card for our GMT400 trucks. This info came from many sources - LMC 1988-1998 truck catalog, LMC 1992-1999 Blazer/Tahoe catalog, LMC 1992-1999 Suburban catalog, an uncredited site on angelfire Canada, GM's dealerworld site, and research using a collection of VIN's from my former salvage yard inventory.

Several sites have most of the info, but I couldn't find one that had all of it in one spot.

Please feel free to post/share it wherever you like. I prefer you use my direct link to post it, so as I make corrections, the new version will automatically replace the previous one. If you find any errors or omissions please let me know in an email (address is at bottom of the document) and I'll check it out and correct as needed.

If your browser or the forum software automatically resizes the image you may need to go to the direct link below and use the function in your browser to view the image full screen...or just print it out as a reference.

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