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1/2t 3/4t and 1t front end swaps 73-91

Last Updated: Feb 22, 2015
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I see this question asked a lot on truck boards.
"are the 1T front suspension the same as the 1/2T or 3/4T same as the 1T?"
I'm not a guru but I have played with interchanging the 73-87 chev's front ends a little bit, so I hope I can help out those that don't have the parts resorce to figure out what works and dosn't.

ok....... follow along

3/4T spindles are different then the 1T srw and the differance is how the brake calipper mounts
but 1T spindles are the same for srw and drw trucks
3/4T rotors are not the same as 1T swr rotors and drw rotors are different then both
1T srw and 1T drw calippers are the same and 3/4T is different

ok, balljonts are the same for 3/4T as for 1T srw and drw
and arms are the same for 3/4T and 1T

and none of this stuff interchanges with a 1/2T
but the 1/2T crossmember is the same as the 1T and 3/4T so with 1/2T A arms and spindles you can swap your 3/4T &1T to a 1/2T
now! with that saidI know the 4wd interchange question is going to come up. and the only thing I know about 4wds is you can part them out to fat'n up your wallet. and thats all I want to know!


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