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Catalytic Converter Removal????

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chopped~n~dropped   +1y
Well since I've bagged my truck it lays on the catalytic converter I need to find a solution on getting rid of it since I have no emissions where I live. Basically if I get rid of it I would just have a straight pipe because I have no muffler after my cat. So if I remove it and put a piece of pipe in will it hurt my trucks performance or mess anything up engine wise. My step-dad claims that it will burn valves but I know people that run straight pipes and have had no problems. Any thoughts or answers?
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kdcgrohl   +1y
it will not burn your valves. thats bs. catalytic converters are emissions devices. only problems with valve ever stemming from exhaust is running open headers in cold weather. that can warp your valves. anyway, if you really want to get rid of it, ditch it as long as you dont need emissions testing for inspection.
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smctoy   +1y
Well...Ill put my 2 cents in on this. I havent had one on any of my trucks nor my eclipse & havent had any problems to date! I will say this...if your running a header then I would run some sort of free flow cat cause Im sure that could cause some damage over time, but Im no mechanic.
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chopped~n~dropped   +1y
yea, I'm running a full length header. I'm planning on putting a muffler on it of some sort in the future when money is better. I've still gotta fab up a tranny crossmember but the pit in my shop is currently occupied so it's gonna have to wait a week or so.
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smctoy   +1y
Im planning to install a header this summer as well, but as for a muffler Im
running a 40series/2-chamber Flowmaster. We dont have emissions tests here either, but you are required a muffler & a cat on anything newer than a
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lux15m   +1y
couldn't you just get the exhaust pipes lifted??
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holcombe347   +1y
^^^ yes, thats what he should do. there is a heat sheild right above it. there is enough space to raise it up above the frame rails.
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skip   +1y
dont cut it off just drag it till it falls off lol
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2lowtoy   +1y
I run both of my trucks with no cats and tryed to run no muffler. A its gonna be load as hell and get the cops attention even faster. B it will hurt performance Every engine out there is designed to run with some sort of back pressure in one way or the other. I will say from experance that putting a muffler back on helped performace. Now this is on OBD1 stuff I would not even try to take a cat off of a OBD2 you will throw codes and send the computer into safe mode.
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chopped~n~dropped   +1y
I had the same thing in mind and thats probably what will happen, lol. As far as a muffler I plan on running one eventually, I've gotta get the money up for the muffler and take it to the exhaust shop to have it ran.